What happens first?
When you contact us, we will have a brief discussion to establish what you are looking for from your photoshoot. We will send you a confirmation of your booking, and a copy of these FAQs.

What can I expect during my studio photoshoot?
We would ask you to arrive in time to let us to brush up on what you would like from the session, and to allow everyone (especially the little ones) time to relax in a new environment. Once we start taking photographs, we ask mums and dads, even if not in the photos, to help draw out those smiles and giggles we all want to see in the pictures. The secret is to have fun!

How long does it take?
This depends somewhat on who we are photographing. Babies and very young children naturally do not have endless stamina, so these sessions would be unlikely to extend beyond an hour or so. With older children (and the adults hopefully!) we can take a little more time, play some games and relax (or go mad!), taking pictures along the way.

What should I wear?
This really is up to you, but there are some helpful guidelines. Bright colours are great, but extremely busy designs can draw attention away from the subject. If more than one child or a family shot is planned, it pays to give some thought to what everyone is wearing, whilst avoiding the apperance of a family uniform! Remember, we hope you will be looking at these pictures for a long time to come.

What do I need to bring?
For older babies and toddlers especially, favourite toys make lovely props, classics like building blocks or cuddly toys are particularly suitable. A change of clothes for the little ones, either for variety in the pictures or in case of accidents is always a good idea. You may wish to bring a favourite CD with you, either to soothe the atmosphere or liven it up!

Anything else?
The most important ingredient in the photography is you. Relaxed, fed, rested children AND adults photograph better than hungry tired ones.

When will I see my photographs?
We supply proofs within a maximum 1 week-10 days after your shoot. Thereafter timescales depend somewhat on how many pictures (and of what type) you require. However, we will discuss delivery requirements with you to ensure we meet your expectations.

How about location photoshoots?
Some of the best pictures come from the familiar environment of home, or alternatively out in the fresh air. Clearly the options are numerous, please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.